John Green on Learning

I really enjoy Vlogbrothers on youtube and all the channels that follow. I don’t always agree with the viewpoints of  Hank and John Green, but that’s not the point. Vlogbrothers is promoting a friendly and world-changing kindness that permeates a typically unfriendly world.

They have recently started a website called “Subbable“. Please watch the video below for an explanation and support a growing, educational community.

John spoke at TEDex Indianapolis last year about his book “Paper Towns“. It’s a long video (for a young generation), but very insightful and informative. He expresses his views on youtube and the educational value it holds. I use youtube primarily as an educational resource for building computers, news, historical documentaries, Astrophysics, and how-to videos of all kinds, so I completely understand the motivation behind this talk.

Beth Moore

I have a problem with Beth Moore.

Not theologically.

Not because of the way she empowers and educates women with Scripture.

It has nothing to do with these things. It has to do with the fact that she has a party that I’m not invited to.

I’ll admit it, this is probably more my problem than hers. Ok, it’s all my problem. I’m about as bad as Dr. Huxtable in that episode of The Cosby Show when there is a wedding shower going on in the living room, and him and Theo are banished to his office to assemble shelves.

I first felt the pain of exclusion from a Beth Moore party at Passion 2007. I read the title of the session, and I thought, “Hmm, sounds interesting.” Then, right beneath the title of the session, Women Only

And as the years went on, Beth Moore would have many more parties in which she would leave me out. My plans to attend a Beth Moore party constantly foiled by the words, Women Only.

So I have derived the only logical conclusion from these series of events that have taken place over the years:

Beth Moore doesn’t like me. She never gave me a chance. I never got to tell her a joke, amusing story, or show her how I can juggle two objects (preferably small, I’m not the Hulk) with one hand.

So, I’m going to have a party, and the words underneath the title of my session will say, Men Only. That will show Beth Moore that I’m fed up with her Little Rascals-esque, “He-Man Woman Haters” (reversed) shenanigans.

Soccer Rules

Last saturday I attended a game in which my city’s USL Pro team played for the championship. Orlando City Lions played the Charlotte Eagles at home to a record breaking crowd of over 20,000 people.

USL Pro is the league below MLS. I want to make my opinion known about the US structure for professional soccer: I feel that having the two leagues connected in a promotion/relegation relationship (similar to England), would be the best thing we could do for the development of soccer in the US.

Ok, I’m done.

We sat in the ancient Citrus Bowl, (built in the mid 1930’s) which is nothing more than a concrete shell filled with people. Pulling into the parking lot, people were tailgating, and upon reaching the stadium, the crowd looked a sea of red and purple.

Finding our seats, a group of obnoxious young adults were sitting in the row behind us. Thankfully, we only had to put up with them for about 10 minutes. They were not sitting in their correct seats, and the family who had booked those seats sat behind us for the duration of the game. The father was obviously new to the game. He would say terms that were 60% correct. But that wasn’t a bad thing, he was learning the game. And to make it much more bearable, he was teaching his son to love the game that he was growing to love.

He would say things like, “Hey buddy, did you see that kick?! He kicked it REALLY FAR!!” or “Do you see how they hit the ball with their head?!” The father wasn’t the best at commenting, but that’s alright. Later in the game, I found out that he didn’t know what the MLS was (I was so stunned that I almost turned around).

But I was missing the key, he was having a shared experience with his son. One that his son will remember for the rest of his life. He won’t know his dad didn’t know everything about soccer; he will remember that his dad took the time to take the whole family to see the Orlando City Lions play in the USL Pro Championship. That’s one of the things I will remember as well. My dad bought tickets for everyone to have a shared experience. My mom and dad are learning (more in-depth) the game of soccer (or football). Even though I have played for the better part of my life, they were there supporting me.

Many of the attendees didn’t understand fully the rules, or maybe they were just that committed to their team (protesting obvious offensives committed by our team). But it is something that the city is growing together in, and Orlando could use something to bond them together. It is one of the most disunited cities I have ever experienced. This is due mostly to the astronomical number of people who are not from Orlando, or Florida.

In case you were wondering, Orlando City are the champions again! The second time in their three year existence. We’re hoping this convinces the MLS and the state that Orlando needs a MLS team.

Orlando City Soccer
Orlando City Soccer at the Citrus Bowl.

The picture above is about an hour ahead of kick-off looking at the ‘visitor’ side. Great seats for a great game.

Too Much Makeup

Ok, so I have to rant. I have seen a growing trend in women; using makeup to mask their face. In doing this, they end up looking like they are on lunch-break from the circus. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when make up is used as artistic expression for makeup artists, on fashion runways and artist exhibits. But I am not referring to this. I am referring to the women who fill restaurants and stores with their painted faces.

I’m not saying make-up is a bad thing. It’s a tool that women have that men don’t. When we have a pimple, we have hope that people don’t see it. When women have pimples, they use concealer. I have four sisters and my insight into makeup use is that above the average male, but that doesn’t mean I understand it. Make-up scares the crap out of me. It’s chemicals…on your face. Expensive chemicals for that matter. I had to use it once for a performance in Fiddler on the Roof when I was in high school. I remember thinking the whole time, “I’m thankful God didn’t make me a woman.”

All in all, this is a plea to women:

Don’t hide your face with chemicals.

Here’s a video of an over-the-top example of messed up makeup use from the queen of weird, Miranda Sings.